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  • AN arrow ST

    43 minutes ago
    any*** $1,577 ¥9,996

  • NI arrow KE

    an hour ago
    nic*** $271 ¥1,718

  • L1 arrow DO

    an hour ago
    l13*** $471 ¥2,986

  • HA arrow RY

    an hour ago
    hao*** $155 ¥983

  • BW arrow JM

    an hour ago
    bwi*** $235 ¥1,490

  • DI arrow OU

    an hour ago
    dig*** $959 ¥6,081

  • ST arrow BI

    53 minutes ago
    ste*** $630 ¥3,995

  • GU arrow LH

    23 minutes ago
    guo*** $402 ¥2,548

  • SH arrow CA

    an hour ago
    sha*** $106 ¥672

  • YO arrow J.

    20 minutes ago
    yol*** $119 ¥754

  • YY arrow UR

    an hour ago
    yy1*** $199 ¥1,262

  • 17 arrow CM

    an hour ago
    175*** $252 ¥1,598

  • AL arrow NL

    an hour ago
    ale*** $548 ¥3,476

  • S8 arrow AR

    an hour ago
    s84*** $94 ¥596

  • HU arrow TR

    an hour ago
    hur*** $235 ¥1,490

Guaranteed Security

Start Exchange Safely

Swap with Verified Individuals

To ensure the legitimacy of the person you will swap with, all users on the platform have to pass ID verification.

Backed by Professional Legal Team

Swapsy commits to to be compliant with laws and regulations and to protect our customers.

Registered MSB with FinCEN

Swapsy is a Money Service Business registered with FinCEN.

Deadly Simple

Currency Exchange in 3 Steps

Empowered by the prevailing E-wallets, you can swap RMB, USD without the hassle of filling out bank account, home address and other information.

Get Matched

Raise a customized request or pick one from existing requests and get matched immediately.

Send Money

Send the amount to your match simply by scanning QR code or keying in e-wallet information.

Receive & Confirm

You will receive the funds within 1 business day once your payment is confirmed by the recipient.
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Who Are We

We are a group of sky-high foreign exchange fee victims. We are you.
We are expats and former international students, coming from different places with different backgrounds, working together to establish this platform where users can have pain-free exchange experiences and fulfill their daily household currency demands with almost no cost.
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Give it a try.

It is fast, easy and secure!

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