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Swapsy is a Fintech Startup incorporated in Delaware and based in Southern California.

Our mission is to create a marketplace where individuals with foreign currency demands can have pain-free exchange experience while fulfilling their needs.

At Swapsy, our users make peer-to-peer currency swap with their own e-wallets, including Zelle, Paypal, Alipay, Wechat Pay etc. Swapsy does not hold any client money. Instead, we exchange e-wallet information among users for them to swap the currencies.

Swapsy was founded in June 2017 and graduated from UCSD Rady StartR accelerator in September 2017. We are currently a member of EvoNexus Incubator and Mucker Lab Incubator.

We are a group of sky-high foreign exchange fee victims. We are you.

We are expats and former international students, coming from different places with different backgrounds, working together to establish this platform where users can have pain-free exchange experiences and fulfill their daily household currency demands with almost no cost.

Our team members include passionate individuals with years of experiences in financial services, information technology, marketing, operation and customer services, united together to disrupt the stagnant currency exchange market.

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