Get the Latest Wechat QR Code to Receive Your Money

Ting · June 19, 2019

Who need to upload the latest Wechat QR Code?

Many users reported the Wechat receiving QR Code of their matches didn't work. The pop-up window looks like this:


This is mainly due to the fact that the existing QR Code that the user uploaded has expired. Thus, Swapsy would like to invite all users with Wechat as their receiving e-wallet to update their Wechat receiving QR Code immediately. This helps ensure that you will receive your money in time and the transactions can carry on with no delays between you and your matches.

Here are the screenshots from Wechat showing how to get your latest Wechat receiving QR Code.


Three solutions to solve this problem

If you see the pop-up message as shown in the beginning of this article, it means your matches haven't updated their latest Wechat receiving QR Code yet. There are three things you can do with this.


No.1 Use VPN

When you see the pop-up window, you can turn off the Wechat app, try to use VPN to re-route and then re-open the Wechat app and send the money again.

If you are in China, please use a VPN with the US route. If it still doesn't work, please change to another US route.

If you are in the US, please use a VPN called Transocks. Here is a simple guidance on how to use Transocks. (FYI: Transocks is a free app )


No.2 Cancel this swap

If you have already tried several times with a VPN without any luck, you may cancel it and choose a new swap. Your credits for the cancelled swap will be reimbursed.

No.3 Email us / Add us on Wechat

If you have already tried several Swaps and it still happens, please let us know by email or by Wechat.

Email address: [email protected]

Wechat: theswapsy

We will do our best to help you.

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