Don't worry about extra fees charged by PayPal any more!

Ting Β· June 25, 2019

(This article is only for Swapper whose match has a PayPal account in a different region)

If you match with a Swapper who has a PayPal account from the region different from yours, PayPal will charge an international services fee. However, you don't need to pay this fee.

Let's see an example of transferring $100 via PayPal. You can see that the exact fee for sending $100 in this case is $4.99 (note 9 below). You then only need to adjust the amount you send to be $95.01.

In summary, you send $95.01, and there is a $4.99 fee charged by PayPal. Your total out-of-pocket is $100.Β 







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