How to send money via Alipay?

Tao Yu · March 9, 2020

Dear valued users, due to the policy modification by Alipay and Wechat pay, some QR codes are not working lately. We are launching an extra service for you to transfer funds through Alipay, which is more like Zelle. To avoid the delay in your receiving, please upload/update your Alipay account info asap. Thank you for your cooperation.


Where can I find my Alipay account number?

Log in, click"me" on the bottom right, and you will find your Alipay account info as below.

(for US cell phone number, please add country code 1, for example: 1-XXXXXXXXXX)



How do I use Alipay account number to transfer money?

Login Alipay, "Transfer"  —>  "To Alipay Account"  —>  fill the blank by inputting the receiver's Email or Mobile.

(For US phone numbers, please input country code plus dash as 1-XXXXXXXXXX). 





When you are required to provide last name of the receiver, you can find his/her last name from your transaction information.

(Occasionally if you cannot find their last name, please cancel your transaction and start a new swap.


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