Everything you need to know before going to China during the Pandemic

Harry · October 27, 2021

            This article serves as a guide to entry restrictions, documents, and vaccination and testing requirements before you go to China. Congrats on obtaining your Chinese visa, but there’s still more challenges in order to enter China. If you still have not figured out how to obtain a Chinese visa during the pandemic, please check out our previous article. If you're planning a trip to China, here's what you'll need to know and expect if you want to visit during the global coronavirus pandemic.

            First and foremost, you will need to book a direct flight to China. Transit flights to China are prohibited during the global pandemic per Chinese Embassy news.

This is important because transit flights are only allowed in countries without any direct flights, and generally only one transit is allowed. If your country has available direct flights, even if you quarantine in a third country for more than 14 days, get tested and apply for another green code at the transit location, it will not be approved by the embassy.

            After booking your flights to China, you will have to apply for a green health code in order to board your flight. In addition to all the documents such as a valid visa and proof of residency, you will also need to get tested at a lab approved by the embassy or consulate, and submit a negative Covid-19 nucleic acid test result and antibody test online 48 hours prior to your departure. Approved labs are listed on the individual embassy’s website. 

If your nucleic acid test or antibody test result were positive due to recent vaccination (i.e. Moderna, Pfizer), you will need to get tested in other forms (i.e. chest scan) required by the consulate and submit your test results in order to receive a green code. Though vaccination is NOT required to enter China, it is advised that you receive both shots before going to China.
            After arriving in China, you will generally have to undergo 14-21 days of quarantine. Quarantine requirements vary among China’s provinces and cities. There are generally two types of quarantine policies. The stricest would be the 14+14 policy which is often applied by Beijing and Jiangsu where you will have to quarantine for 14 days at a designated location and 7 days at home, followed by another 7 days of health monitoring involving daily temperature and symptoms report. The most lenient policy would be the 14+7 which is often applied by cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou where you will have to quarantine for 14 days at a designated location, followed by 7 days of health monitoring at home during which you are free to go out like normal. Policies at different provinces and cities vary from time to time, so make sure to check the updated policy before entering China.

            Travelling to China during the pandemic is not easy. However, you will be able to live covid-free in China after undergoing all the necessary procedures and quarantining. It’s crucial that you follow all the policies and requirements step by step because embassies and consulates are not very lenient with their policies especially during the pandemic.

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